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The server is now shut down. I forgot to update this page about that, sorry!

Welcome to the website made just because Wazubaba is tired of having to use fucking steam chat to manage this faggotry.

Server info

Installation info


  1. Add a new instance for Minecraft 1.12.2.
  2. Right-click that instance and click Edit Instance.
  3. Under the Version tab, install Forge (See the above forge version for which one to use).
  4. Under the Mods tab, click the button labeled View Folder on the right. Should be near the bottom. Extract all the *.jar files into this folder.
  5. You are now done.

Actual Minecraft Launcher

Ask d3d. Fuck that shit.

Optional info

[1]Wazubaba has not tested this mod extensively yet but plans to.